Metternichgasse 12

Metternichgasse 12: Archaeology

An Archival Project of Film Academy Vienna This academic year, Film Academy Vienna (the mdw’s Institute of Film and Television) is celebrating 65 years of existence. And to this day, it remains Austria’s only university-level place of training for future film professionals, thus occupying a central place within Austrian film history. In recognition of its…


spiel|mach|t|raum. women* at the mdw, 1817–2017

The mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, one of Europe’s largest places of musical training and one of the German-speaking world’s oldest (which was originally referred to as a conservatory before its re-designation as an academy, state academy, imperial academy, once again just academy, and finally university), was established in 1817 as…


Exhibition of the Center at the mdw

2016 saw the mdw open its Centre, the object of which is to focus scholarly and artistic attention on composers and musicians who were forced to flee, proscribed, and/or murdered by the National Socialists. Among other things, this includes the study of artistic estates willed to the mdw or donated prior to the owner’s…


Klangketten – Sound Chains

A Public Space Encounter with Music   The project “Klangketten” [Sound Chains], starting from the fact that the Vienna Musikverein became home to what is now the mdw1 (which occupied today’s artists’ dressing room for the Brahms-Saal and the corridor now known as the “Schulgang”) immediately upon its completion, seeks to render audible and visible…